Hobby Sport Line is a SME family textile company specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality customized sportswear for all kinds of water sports such as water polo, swimming, triathlon, underwater hockey and rugby.


Broomx Technologies isa Projected Virtual Reality (VR) companycreating the most advanced tools to enjoy VRin real spaces. Founded in 2014, in the heartof Barcelona Technological Hub, the company has developed proprietary solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware and Cloud Services.Their team is a mix of designers/creative minds, developers/engineersandcommunication/marketing/business development specialists.Broomx Founders and Directors, Serrano Brothers, have melt different disciplines with their passion for disruptive and advanced technologies, always considering the human factor and user experience in mind.Broomx technologies, is a very good example of a client journey scale-up case, since the company has continuously benefitted from several Network advisory services beyond its participation in the Scalecat EEN pilot project. Broomx took advantage of several EEN events, such as CES Las Vegas 2019, where the company participated in a pitching session with 40 private investors, organized by the EEN partner EAEC under a call launched by ENRICH, which funded Broomx involvement and travel expenses. Additionally, Broomx received guidance on H2020 funding to participate at SMEI Phase II proposal before submission, but finally achieved the Seal of Excellence since its evaluation mark was very near to the cut-off mark. To facilitate satisfactory deal’s negotiation, Broomx benefited from the legal assessment service the Network provides to review international contract proposals. Last but not least, Broomx was selected as SME Ambassador in the2019Web Summit in Lisbon to disseminate collaboration experience in the framework of Network services and to showcase its Virtual Reality innovative solutions.