The green company, Plásticos Pineda, enters the French market with is value proposition of preserving the environment.

Success case: PLÁSTICOS PINEDA                                                   


The green company, Plásticos Pineda, enters the French market with is value proposition of preserving the environment.

Plásticos Pineda is a company specialized in the manufacture of agricultural plastic parts for the wine industry since 1959, sector that was neglected until then. In addition, they are proud of being a clean company fully committed to protect our environment. Their industrial processes rely solely on renewable energy sources as well as they recycle nearly 100% of the raw materials used in them.

For small business with a short experience in the international area, finding the perfect partner and market is the first and often the biggest challenge to face. In that sense, with the aim to increase its presence worldwide, Plásticos Pineda contacted the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, where EEN technician assessed the company about the best suitable international itinerary, deciding to participate in a program for the International Expansion of SMEs, which would help the company to define its international strategy.

After some meetings, where an internationalization diagnosis and a market research was done, EEN technician recommended France as the most suitable country to begin their international expansion.

The company already had a possible agent/distributor in the area, consequently the idea was well received, although they needed further information as they did not know how was the best way to define the business relationship with their contact.

Due to the lack of knowledge in contracting French law, the action plan to take was clear. Therefore, EEN technician recommended to contact a lawyer specialized in that particular area. Seeing that Plásticos Pineda was interested in the suggestion made by EEN a meeting was organised into Barcelona Chamber premises between the EEN partner, the company and the lawyer.

During that meeting, the idea to create a new job position was raised into the table, recommendation that the company was interested to implement after a discussion with all the parties involved. Thereupon, the contacts between Plásticos Pineda and the agent started to intensify.

After a short period of time, the EEN partner certified that the company had already ordered the lawyer to prepare the documents as the contract was ready to be signed. Therefore, the EEN technician’s recommendations were a total success given that a person would be integrated into the company staff to work directly into the French market.

In that sense, Plásticos Pineda is already working flat out to open one of the most important countries in the wine industry with their value proposal based on the preservation of the environment.


“Thanks to EEN partner we could achieve our objectives and start working in a competitive market such as French”   Mr. Jordi Cortinas, General Manager.

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