Improving air quality through nature based solutions

Success case: STARLAB 



From Spain to Argentina, Starlab improves the citizens quality of life analyzing the health of urban trees 

The Smart Cities era started some years ago to better manage the exponential growth of urban population. However, we cannot forget the challenges that this rapid growth is posing; mainly air pollution and deforestation. For a sustainable growth, the main enablers are trees, green areas and nature based solutions in general. Maintaining and creating new green areas is then of outstanding importance.

“The Smart City Brokerage Event is a great tool to have efficient meetings with high interest for both parts, it is a unique opportunity in an ideal space.”

Starlab is a catalan SME established in 2000 with the mission to transform science into technologies with a deep positive impact on society. The company has developed UrbanAI, an earth observation platform to monitor the health of urban trees which can improve Urban Forest Management having a positive impact in air quality . The solutions is already being tested in Barcelona.

Starlab contacted the EEN in Catalonia in order to find the right service to expand their solution worldwide. Amongst others, they agreed that the Smart City Expo Brokerage Event was a good place to start with to find distributors for URBANAI. 

After the event, Starlab reached two Partnership Agreements: one to introduce their products in Argentina, and another one to improve their products with data analytics tools. These connections have helped Starlab open a new market and to acquire a solution that will help them to position the company even more as a leading innovation company. 

Download the Success Case (PDF)