The Sailing Living Lab

Success case: ININAUTEC                                                                                  


The Sailing Living Lab

ININAUTEC is a company focused on nautical and technological initiatives. The company is now involved in developing “The Sailing Living Lab” a project that aims to put new technology products into the market. The Sailing Living Lab is open to collaborations with companies interested in testing new technologies in the open sea/high sea with ININAUTEC sailboat “Acrobat”.
The challenge for ININAUTEC was to find suitable partners around the world interested in testing its developing prototypes at Acrobat sailboat.
General Council of Catalan Chambers of Commerce (hereinafter, “GCCC”) introduced to Diego de Miguel (CEO of ININAUTEC) the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and informed about the EEN internationalization services. The EEN advisor analysed the possibilities of the company in the market and submitted a public profile at its database.
Thanks to the direct assistance and active partnering support of CGCC, ININAUTEC found a partner in Israel; LEVIATHAN ENERGY, a small renewable energy technology company (in wind and hydro) which wanted to test a new prototype consisting in an efficient system for getting energy from a flow of water. LEVIATHAN ENERGY has a patented flow technology for in-water turbines that double the efficiency and halve the starting speed of the market standard. The Israeli company LEVIATHAN ENERGY works together with PIONEER VALLEY RENEWABLES LCC that uses two complementary patents allowing also the improvement of the efficiency of the turbines between 50 and 300%. 
LEVIATHAN ENERGY and PIONEER VALLEY RENEWABLES LCC found a suitable partner (ININAUTEC) in order to test its prototype offshore at ININAUTEC sailboat. Moreover, after the testing activity, ININAUTEC will promote and distribute the Israelite turbines.

Regarding the future aspirations of the company ININAUTEC is under negotiation with other companies provided by the Network, as for instance Add Modules a French company that wants to test its sailboat products. 

“Thanks to EEN I have been able to transform ideas in real and to put new technology into the market”  Mr. Diego de Miguel, CEO of ININAUTEC.

The Enterprise Europe Network assists ambitious SMEs to innovate and grow internationally. EEN Consortium in Catalonia is leading by ACCIÓ. The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the General Council of Catalan Chambers of Commerce take also part of the Consortium.