Sant Aniol

SANT ANIOL is a Spanish company specialized in the production of volcanic origin water from the natural park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa.

Sant Aniol

SANT ANIOL is a Spanish company specialized in the production of volcanic origin water from the natural park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa. Nowadays, the products of this company are present in various EU and not EU countries. Due to COVID-19 crisis was necessary to analyze the impact of the crisis in the international trade of the company and develop a new international reorientation plan. The international sales of the company were affected mostly in the HORECA channel due to the government restrictions and the closure of bars as a contingency measure against Covid 19.    The company contact the Girona Chamber of Commerce (CGCC In House Consultant) for help and consultation.   

The Chamber of Commerce analyzed the post covid situation of the company, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses trying to find a way to increase the company's resilience during the crisis. The company was provided with an Reorientation International Plan and recommendations to increase their resilience. The plan provide by the EEN consultants was to find alternatives to the HORECA channel; for instance, by increasing the sales and find new distributors in the retail premium channel and also sell more products us white label. Also, the Chamber made a correspondent ponderation of relevant targeted markets with updated information of the international markets post Covid19.

The EEN technician consider that due to the Covid19 situation; was necessary to check, audit and improve the international marketing plan, and digital presence of the company. The Chamber made recommendations to improve the SEO position of the company in the targeted markets.

The EEN technician drafted an advisory plan and agreed with the client. After several online meetings with the EEN technician of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, they started to work together on how to determine the best strategy and market for their product. The EEN technician after a market and competitive study recommended the company two target countries. After several meetings, the EEN technician and the company agree to select Retail as a targeted sector in the above mention countries.

Also, the EEN technician provided the company with the analysis of the customer trends, country barriers, customs duties and Free Trade Agreement information, a strategy of product and brand, information regarding the distribution channels, prices.

Besides, EEN technician published the company profile to Merlin database and did an extensive search to find possible partners through the POD in the previously selected countries. Moreover, the chamber offered the company the participate in relevant EEN Brokerage Events, and the possibility to arrange online meetings with potential partners.

In December 2020, the advisory plan has been partially implement. The company has arranged online meetings and is working with some local distributors in the targeted markets in the retail channel to work together shortly. In addition, the company has implement the marketing recommendations to increase and improve the online presence of the company in the targeted markets.

In this case, the support of the Network has made a positive contribution to the company, mostly helping to increase company resilience to Covid-19.

  • “Thanks to EEN we have increase ower resilience towards COVID-19 situation, by the diversification of distribution channels and markets and improving our international marketing plan and digital tools”

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