UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) attended one of our Horizon 2020 INFO DAY where the Societal Security topics were explained in collaboration with the Spanish NCP (National Contact Point). During the INFO DAY it was outlined how the EEN could help companies to find partners to participate in a Horizon 2020 consortium. A few weeks later, the UAB participated in another event organised by ACCIÓ where the proposal idea was reviewed to better adjust the proposal to the topic SU-BES01-2019, sub-topic 2 of the Secure Societies Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020).

The project proposal called AMMProSI was seeking to improve the current data collection and processing mechanisms at the EU border controls by establishing a tool that would allow to gather all information collected when migrants enter the EU territory and would allow to be shared  by all EU Member States. With this objective, the UAB was looking for partners specialized on IT-platform management of migration movement and companies or organisations with previous experience in examining migration dynamics in the countries of origin and the prediction of migration flows.

ACCIÓ published the profile RDES20190321001 in Merlin and disseminated it through different channels such as the Mobility Sector Group Forum. Besides, it was actively sent to the ARC Consulting EOOD, the Bulgarian EEN coordinator.

ARC CONSULTING EOOD (BG00042) has been working closely over the years with the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD) in the field of project work in the domain of innovations. Founded in late 1989, CSD is a European public policy institute dedicated to the values of democracy and market economy, being a non-partisan, independent organization fostering the reform process through an impact on policy and civil society, including in the field of innovations and competitiveness. Among the other key topics of interest and work for CSD are the policing and border security, migration and vulnerable groups, combating conventional and organized crime, human rights and capacity development of EU and national bodies, where the organisation has a certain level of expertise and experience. Therefore, ARC Consulting EOOD offered CSD to consider participation in the project consortium. The organisation answered positively and expressed its interest to join the consortium.


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