Developing new solutions through innovation management

Success case: ADELTE                                                                     logo adelte


ADELTE has increased its turnover by 150% increasing its management capacity and improving its innovation strategy.

Barcelona-based ADELTE designs, builds and delivers innovative engineering solutions and offers an array of global services to enhance airport and seaport passenger terminals around the world

Through an innovation management support service (IMP3rove methodology), the company identified its weak and strong points. Accordingly, several actions were implemented after the methodolgy diagnose: the definition of an Innovation Strategy, the creation of a formal system to generate ideas and a the specific management for innovation projects. An innovation Committee was created, made up by staff from various departments.

During the implementation of actions, ADELTE received some regional/local innovation support and grants (such as innovation vouchers, Business management coaching).

Hence, ADELTE has developed a complete and diversified portfolio of innovation company projects. The company has structured a process to create and track ideas generation and has developed tools to prioritize and implement innovation projects, such as the establishment of “Innovation Awards” and the employment of an innovation manager. ADELTE has already implemented two innovation projects and has increased its turnover by 150% since 2014.


“Innovation has always been in ADELTE’s DNA, which is essential to deliver the best possible solutions and providing better service to our clients worldwide. ACCIÓ helped us to improve and enhance our Innovation Strategy and Processes. Today’s Innovation Vectors for growth at ADELTE are Automation, IoT and Green Technologies”   Mr. Raimon Albiol, General Manager of ADELTE

The Enterprise Europe Network assists ambitious SMEs to innovate and grow internationally. EEN Consortium in Catalonia is leading by ACCIÓ. The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the General Council of Catalan Chambers of Commerce take also part of the Consortium.

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