BMASK: creation of customised hygienic masks to face COVID 19 outbreak

Hobby Sport Line is a SME family textile company specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality customized sportswear for all kinds of water sports such as water polo, swimming, triathlon, underwater hockey and rugby.


During March 2020, the company started developing a prototype mask having hygienic, antibacterial and water-repellent properties to face COVID 19 challenges, specially aiming to cover national market needs in terms of textile mask production, due to the lack of this kind of product (which is mainly imported from Asia). The company got in touch with Enterprise Europe Network innovation textile advisor to receive specialized assessment on European and national regulations concerning mask production standards and other relevant information regarding standard bodies for these items.This specialized assessment contributed to facilitatingthe development of further types of textile masks and the transformation of the company business model (at least temporary) and production procedures. Therefore, the company invested great efforts to create a new brand, called BMASK,( to give wider visibility to its new mask products, which do not have a sanitary use and are currently successfully commercialized. Despite not having passed a specific sanitary standardization process, BMASK hygienic masks are made up of organic cotton and polyester according to the Ministry of Industry production procedure recommendations. Additionally, they offer a highly customized product accordingto BMASK clients’ requirements. Several companies from different activity sectors (such as pharma logistics, industrial laundry or sports activities) are increasingly requiring BMASKto offer merchandising products for their employees and clients both atnational and international level.

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