Improving the quality of water basins, lagoons and reservoirs.

Success case: Deplan 


Deplan will commercialize a Danish technology to reduce emissions and odors in water basins, lagoons and reservoirs.

DEPLAN is an environmental engineering and consulting company based in Barcelona offering industrial services and solutions in the areas of waste water treatment and environmental management.

In November 2013 the Brokerage Event AquaMatch 2013, focused in the water sector, was organized in Amsterdam with the support of the Sector Group Environment. ACCIÓ, co-organizer of the Brokerage Event, invited DEPLAN to participate. This event was a good opportunity for the Catan company to identify new solutions to increase their portfolio. At the Brokerage Event DEPLAN met the Danish company Hexa Cover that had developed an environmental friendly solution for eliminating emission, evaporation, organic growths, odours, UV effects and heat loss. This technology is manufactured from recycled polypropylene without the use of harmful materials and can be used in almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tanks. After meeting at the brokerage event and exchanging further information, both companies decided to collaborate and signed a commercial agreement with technical assistance in 2015.

DEPLAN’s knowledge of the Spanish market and technical background makes the company an ideal partner for the transfer of Hexa Cover’s innovative technology to Spain.

“The brokerage events organized by Enterprise Europe Netwrok are excellent iniatives to establish valuable contacts in a fair”  Jorge Vicente, Deplan

The Enterprise Europe Network assists ambitious SMEs to innovate and grow internationally. EEN Consortium in Catalonia is leading by ACCIÓ. The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the General Council of Catalan Chambers of Commerce take also part of the Consortium.

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