Joining forces to reduce industrial work accidents

Success case: ENGIDI                                                                                                 

ENGIDI, a Catalan startup, & Nokia join forces to increase industrial work safety after meeting at the Brokerage Event SIDO 2017

ENGIDI is a start-up based in Barcelona focused on wearable technology design and data management. The company designs wearable technology devices to provide an innovative global service of data processing and display in the field of industrial work safety. ENGIDI was on the phase of “Pilot tests”.
Since the company needed both investment and strategic partners, in October 2016, ENGIDI partcipated at the Internet of Things  Brokerage event, a matchmaking event organised by ACCIÓ, partner of the Enterprise Europe Network in Barcelona. There, the company was introduced to the EEN services.

In April 2017, ENGIDI participated at SIDO, the Brokerage event dedicated to the Internet of Things in Lyon, also organised by the Enterprise Europe Network and co-organised by ACCIÓ. There, the company got in contact with Nokia and was introduced to the Nokia Innovation Platform, which aims to accelerate start-ups development. Nokia contributed to ENGIDI products promotion by filming a documentary and broadcasting it in other fairs. In addition, Nokia ceded its communication antennas for the catalan company device.
This colaboration allowed Engidi to provide a better service. Soon the company started to win several business challenges and IOT and Industry 4.0 awards: IotStars18 Award, IOT Innovation World Cup Awards, Vodafone Partnership MWC 2018 among others. All in all, the combination of the value proposal of ENGIDI’s Business Model and its technology with the expertise and good reputation of assures success to this collaboration for many years.
'The Enterprise Europe Network is very helpful since a company can go international in a virtual way and with very low cost’. Gerard Fernandez, ENGIDI
The Enterprise Europe Network assists ambitious SMEs to innovate and grow internationally. EEN Consortium in Catalonia is leading by ACCIÓ. The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the General Council of Catalan Chambers of Commerce take also part of the Consortium.