Food Sourcing Specialists

Food Sourcing Specialists is a well-established Barcelona-based healthy/sports food producer, distributor & retailer with deep sector knowledge

Food Sourcing Specialist

Founded in 2014, the company has developed an innovative solution for the packaging field; a home compostable packaging film for long-life semi-liquid products. They have also created a new, revolutionary brand of elite performance, 100% natural and healthy sports nutrition energy gels. The team has  grown  from 1  to 22 people  involved  in  one  year  and  is  a  mix  of  product developers/engineers  and communication/marketing/business development specialists.

The company approached our entity in 2017, with the aim of accessing European public funding to develop their Metamorfosis project.

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Food Sourcing Specialists is a clear example of a client journey case, as the company has received support from the Network during different stages in its growth; from 2017 to the present day:

After some years in the healthy/sports market and after identifying a specific need, the company came to ACCIÓ with a clear objective: to develop their Metamofosis project to contribute to protecting both human beings and the environment through the development and international distribution of home compostable packaging and world-class, healthy sports nutrition products, which respect the human body and our natural surroundings.

Since 2017, EEN advisors from ACCIÓ have assisted the company in obtaining almost €2.5m in public funding. Thanks to the funding obtained, Food Sourcing Specialists is working on a world-first in home compostable material, which will be licensed to packaging manufacturing companies, as well as using it to package their own revolutionary range of sports nutrition products. Their aim is to shift from a distribution company to a brand of sports products with substantial packaging intellectual property assets which can be licensed to third parties.

With the consolidation of the project and the funding received, the company wants to reinforce its position in the markets where they have already clients and access new ones, specially non-European countries.

Since we are currently providing them with our KAM services, we are regularly in contact with them, identifying their needs and sending them opportunities that might be of their interest.

  • "Without the Enterprise Europe Network's advice and support, not only would we not have received the funding we needed for our Metamorfosis project, but we would not have even known that these funding opportunities existed. They have helped us raise a total of circa €2.5m over the last 4 years."

  • "This funding enables us to make a positive difference to the planet through our home compostable packaging innovations, which eliminate the need for plastic packaging for long- life semi-liquid products, as well as to sports people looking for elite sports performance through healthy sports nutrition products and to our investors."

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