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Collaborating closely with the EEN technician, BLAUTTY embarked on a journey of discovery, conducting a comprehensive benchmarking exercise to identify potential European clients. Through rigorous analysis, the Romanian market emerged as a promising destination ripe for exploration.

With the market selected, the EEN technician spared no effort in conducting an exhaustive study, delving deep into its intricacies, trends, and consumer behaviours. Armed with invaluable insights, we were poised to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the Romanian market with confidence.

Recognizing the importance of local expertise, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce leveraged the EEN network and reached out to CSR BOOTIQ SRL. Their invaluable insights not only validated the chosen path but also provided crucial guidance on navigating the intricate landscape of cosmetic legislation in Romania.

With the foundation solidified, BLAUTTY wasted no time in taking decisive action. Contact was swiftly established with Epilleve, one of the selected potential clients, setting the stage for a pivotal meeting at COSMOPROF. This meeting marked a significant milestone in their journey, paving the way for potential collaboration and market expansion.

"Teaming up with the Enterprise Europe Network takes my business to the global spotlight like never before!" 

As a result, an agreement has been concluded with this distributor in Romania. Thanks to this order, the company received a cash inflow that has allowed it to continue innovating and creating new products such as “BOTANICAL TREASURE”, a specialized gel for hair ends.

Epilleve has seen the potential of the brand and has requested the possibility to expand distribution to other markets. This enthusiastic reception validates the commitment to excellence and fuels their ambition to bring BLAUTTY's natural beauty philosophy to even more discerning customers worldwide. 
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