Anar a la pàgina d'inici

They are committed to unique and odd projects such as the production of wines made out of the Bobal variety in the province of Cuenca at 969 meters above sea level, in a unique environment close to the "Sickles of the Cabriel River Natural Reserve", where the combination of the Peninsular and Mediterranean climate together with the thermal difference between day and night due to the height of almost 1000m make this a unique environment for the elaboration of organic wines with old vines over 60 years.

Their last project started in the heart of the Denominación de Origen Terra Alta, in Gandesa, Tarragona, where they produce 3 RARE wines from calcareous-clay soils at 480m height in the pre-coastal mountain ranges under the breeze of the Garbinada wind. The white Grenache is the center of the project along with the red wine “El cavall de Barcelona”, designed by the sculptor Xavier Dols, the creator of the well-reputed sculpture.

They contacted the Valls Chamber of Commerce by email because they were in need of a reliable importer of our wines in the Netherlands, and the Chamber provided the opportunity to find one. During 3 months, they were provided with information about potential importers and finally, they were able to meet them in Valls and show them our wines.

We, as a Chamber of Commerce, organised an inverse wine mission in which several importers from the Netherlands and Belgium were invited to Valls in order to find new products and meet with local producers.

We searched for importers and wine distributors from those countries for 3 months. We faced several difficulties, mainly, the expenses of bringing such importers to Valls, logistics issues (flight delays), and some importers canceling their participation. Furthermore, we overcame this by constantly trying to search for new importers, and expending extra resources into bringing them here.

Some other services we provided were the set-up for the event. This event took place in a restaurant where the importers and local producers had tables, ice, and all the needs they requested in order to taste the wine samples and evaluate the products.

We worked with the clients in order to prepare the timetable schedule for them, and the visits of some of these importers to their places. This success story embodies the client-centered approach the network aims for by showing that bringing the potential customer to the client's home is key in order to success.

"We are grateful to the network for helping us find new customers. Moreover, we also thank them for letting us tell this success story."

Finally, the client has shipped 50 boxes of wine to the Netherlands now (expected to be more in the near future). We are proud of being helpful to the client, to be able to provide them with the tools required to help them find new customers overseas.

We are still collaborating with them, helping them overcome any export problem/question they might have.

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