Anar a la pàgina d'inici

Despite having had an excellent initial reception at national trade fairs such as MOMAD or SIMOF, the company did not have a defined international strategy and did not know which market to target in its initial export phase.

In addition, the world pandemic caused by the COVID-19 meant a reduction in the company’s   turnover, which made it necessary to rethink the search for new target markets.

After a series of trade missions to various Asian countries, the possibility of a commercial opportunity in China, that would have jeopardised the exclusivity of the brand, was ruled out. A second market to explore was the United States of America, as ANNA DE MANEL's designs had also been well accepted for their elegance and originality.

However once having assessed this possibility, the company understood that due to its limited experience and in order to avoid a mistake that could compromise its future, it was necessary to obtain further information about feasible commercial opportunities and for the search for distribution partners.

“Thanks to the Chamber's advice we are now focussing our efforts in developing a Marketing strategy to enter the French Market”

ANNA DE MANEL approached the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, in order to find some answers to this search. A post-COVID-19 analysis describing the situation of the company and a further internationalisation study assessing the attractiveness of several markets were carried out by the International Department. With this advice a second phase has just begun as the company will now focus on improving and consolidating its brand positioning.

Since the participation in international trade fairs is currently not an option,  a commitment to increase the company's digital communication with special attention to the French market will be the next step in order to gain and improve its positioning in Europe. 

Therefore ANNA DE MANEL will focus on enhancing its current digital marketing tools through usability,  SEO and SEM positioning, promotional actions on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and finally with digital advertising.

ANNA DE MANEL "Designing dreams for your feet"

By doing so the company will continue to fulfil its mission to ensure that the women of the world, beautiful on the inside, will feel equally beautiful, elegant and powerful on the outside.

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