Anar a la pàgina d'inici

Mineralia contacted the ACCIÓ's EEN sustainability team to ask for assessment on sustainability. They had participated at several awareness raising webinars organised by ACCIO’s EEN team on different sustainability topics. Mineralia has started doing some actions towards sustainability but not in a structured and systematic way.

After a first need assessment, it was agreed with the company to run a sustainability assessment using the Corporate Sustainability Navigator tool from Imp3rove to assess the sustainability performance of the company. A tailor-made action plan was created for the company based on the results of the assessment which showed special weakness in the areas of social sustainability and sustainable governance of the company. Energy consumption and environmental impact of transport activity were identified as well as critical factors.

"Enterprise Europe Network’s assessment has set our company in the path of sustainability, organizing previous actions and helping prioritize future ones."

After analysing the results of the assessment, a tailor-made action plan was elaborated and validated with the company in a feedback meeting.

The action plan included several recommended actions such as:

  • Definition of politics of equality and wellbeing
  • Improvement of energy efficiency and taking profit
  • Determination of organisation’s carbon footprint
  • Definition a sustainability strategy and KPIs

The action plan included information as well on public resources and funding schemes to support some of the actions recommended such as:

  • Local funding schemes for energy efficiency projects
  • Local vouchers for climate change projects with external consultants
  • SDG compass for strategy and KPIs definition
  • EU Taxonomy Compass

A few months later the company started implementing some of the recommended actions and contracted an external expert to measure the carbon footprint in the following activity areas: transport of raw materials, own production and transport of final products. The company was awarded with a local Climate Change voucher (8000 €) in order to finance this carbon footprint determination.