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The advisor of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce elaborated a file in cooperation with the company to request the AEAT Spanish Customs Authority the Approved Exporter Number (AEN) Customs Authorisation. First, it was needed to identify the HS Code of the goods exported to South Korea and to be included in the Request.

The next step made by the Chamber was to create a report of the origin rules related to the different headings provided by Trastamo SL The report contained the rules of origin of these headings at four digits level, for all the countries that have signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.

Having analysed the origin rules and checked the compliance about preferential origin on the part of production system of the company, the next step was to create the dossier to request for the AEN Authorisation to the Spanish Customs Authority. The Chamber provided the guidelines of the application form and advised Trastamo SL how to fill in the dossier, focussing on the need to demonstrate the accomplishment of the rules of origin by electronically means as Union Customs Code says, in other words, the origin traceability of the different products, which means, being capable to demonstrate the preferential origin in the ERP system.

During the elaboration of the dossier, the technician supervised, controlled, improved and helped the company to develop the file. The company presented the request to the competent authorities and the Chamber also advised the company in all the questions and requirements made by the Customs Authorities.

Eventually the client obtain the Approved Exporter Number ESEAOR22000025 which allows Trastamo SL to prove the preferential origin in South Korea and in other countries that have signed an FTA agreement which consider this proof of origin. Its competitivity have increased due to in among other reasons the Greater Legal Certainty that gives to its customers The Customs Authorisation achieved by Trastamo SL.

"Thanks to the EEN, our company became more competitive and our international activity boosted considerably as the Approved Exporter Authorisation delivers more legal security to our customers."

After the concession of the number, the company was capable of sending the AEN to its client in South Korea who benefited from the FTA signed, which implied the elimination between 5 and 8% depending on the products duties replaced by 0%. The reduction of the customs duties allowed the Trastamo SL to maintain the client. Nowadays, the company exports to South Korea twice a year which means a 0.5% of the total turnover of the company, and they also exported in preferential regimen 14 times to Egypt which means a 21.8% of the total turnover of the company.

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