Anar a la pàgina d'inici

ACCIÓ is supporting and assessing VOTTUN in its business growth journey, especially in connecting with international partners. They have participated in different brokerage events organized by the EEN such as the MWC Barcelona and Techmeetings with French corporations. In addition, they have also received legal assessment services and have been certified by ACCIÓ as official providers of Industry 4.0 solutions. 

ACCIÓ has a programme to subsidize the implementation of industry 4.0 solutions in companies that are willing to adopt digital transformation. Plus, ACCIÓ certifies which providers can supply/implement those solutions. In this way, we have suggested and guided VOTTUN on the application process to become an accredited industry 4.0 technology provider.

At the end of 2020, VOTTUN was certified as an industry 4.0 technology provider. Hence, it prepared and submitted three applications together with potential users of its technology and luckily, one of them was granted the subsidy to implement blockchain technology.

"The support received by ACCIÓ's team is very valuable. For instance, we received assitance to participate at MWC brokerage event and the Techmeetings with French corporates event. Both have been great opportunities for us to present our solution to investors and potential clients from Europe and all around the world."

Finally, Vottun also requested legal support. They needed to review the terms and conditions of an international reseller contract for their blockchain technology solution. In order to do it, ACCIÓ provided legal assessment through a law firm. The lawyers reviewed the contract and during the meeting, we held with VOTTUN that they could issue the recommendations.

The expected impact for VOTTUN is its market expansion abroad. Thanks to the network they get in touch with new international partners/clients. In addition, the fact that they were provided with legal assessment is a benefit to strengthen their legal protection on their blockchain solution reseller agreements.

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